13 January 2021 — 3 March 2021 ### The path to Net Zero: Event series

13 January 2021 — 3 March 2021

The path to Net Zero: Event series

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has published its recommendation on the level of the Sixth Carbon Budget in December 2020. It sets the path to the UK’s Net Zero emissions target in 2050, as the first carbon budget to be set into law following that commitment. The CCC is holding an online series of events looking at how the UK can get to Net Zero and the opportunities and challenges ahead. Click on the links below for further information on what each event will cover and who’s on the panel.

The first of the online events for the CCC report ‘Net Zero: The role of individual action’ is today.

Here is the link to a short overview paper

There are several more events coming up

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This is really good!

Here’s the link to the presentation:

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Are there any Chilterns-wide net zero campaigns underway yet, that the CS is involved in? This seems to becoming one of the most pressing post-Covid issues to tackle. I’ve just mentioned in it a response to the Dacorum draft local plan. I think that once people realise the implications of meeting it, they may be surprised

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Hey Susan, not that I’m aware of yet. But would you like to be involved in one?

I am building a huge online form that people can fill in to determine what carbon savings they’re making from certain activities. Would be great if you wanted to help me stitch the data together as I’d like to get as many CS members as possible using it!


Hi Yes, I’d love to get involved with that

Great, I’ll be in touch tomorrow. Thanks!