Bucks Climate Pledge - Local Elections News

Bucks Climate Action Alliance are asking every candidate for the Unitary Authority Election to sign up to Bucks Climate Pledge, to commit them to take action to counter the potentially devastating effects of man-made climate change. Climate Action Pledge — Bucks Climate Action Alliance
BCAA is not party political, we back any party/person who will act urgently. There is no vaccination for the climate crisis.
The reason BCAA is running this campaign is that there is a worrying lack of substance in Bucks Council’s just-published Climate Change Strategy, (Appendix 2 Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy.pdf (moderngov.co.uk) ) and this poses real questions about the Council’s commitment and capacity to take meaningful action at the pace required. The reliance on tree planting does not take into account the drastic cuts necessary now; we welcome appropriate tree planting, but on its own it is not the solution.( Trees take at least 25 years to reach maturity to sequester carbon dioxide effectively – we shouldn’t have to wait 25 years for positive actions to mitigate against climate change.)
Please click on the website for more information


Thanks for posting @Libby-ClimateAction

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Climate change is such an important subject and something that needs action by individuals and groups and councils and governments - all of us - regardless of our political allegiances

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I agree totally. Once you know who your candidates are look at the BCAA website and see if they have signed the climate pledge which you can find on there too. Ask them about their ideas for your local environment and the wider world too. Talk to them and let them know that you care.

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BCAA are hosting a climate hustings with candidates standing for Bucks Council. Mon 19th April - link below. We have invited representatives from all parties and independents - it’s so important for the electorate to hear the differing strategies to achieve net zero for our county - there’s only a little information on an election leaflet. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/climate-action-hustings-for-buckinghamshire-council-elections-tickets-146385576199?fbclid=IwAR1b56uX8b18nOFqCipJvTBVQCHAwV-AcswgAAnhpxSA8nMKFIJmetbiQvc

Hey Jane, do you have the BCAA climate pledge page link you can share?

Dear Dan,
Go to https://bucksclimateactionalliance.org/climate-action-pledge and see you has signed up.

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here to help Jane, here to help :wink:!

Lets us all protect the beauty and diversity of this county ensuring that we make essential efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Has your candidate for the County Council election signed the Climate Pledge so we can all work together to achieve this.