Bulbourne Dips , August 2021

Here are the readings for the last month. Measurements and observations were made on the morning of September 2nd 2021 by Susan Holmes

1. Dudswell Bridge.
1.96 metres below datum. Some standing water but no flow, apart from a leak coming into the under-road duct

2. Northchurch Recreation Ground.
No reading possible because of the broken casing.
3. Northchurch Primary School.
1.53 metres below datum. There is no flow here, the stream bed is dry, cracked mud

4. Billet Lane Berkhamsted (Lowest datum point)
1.59 metres below datum. No flow at all, streambed is dry

Rainfall and comments from Bob Farrer
Here is the rainfall record for August.

40 mm of rain fell on Dudswell last month, half on the night of 21st/22nd.
Recently the weather has been dominated by a ‘blocking high’ in the north sea which has brought sunshine to Scotland but dull skies and drizzle to the south and east.

There were 12 ‘rain days’, defined by measurable precipitation in the gauge. There were another seven days when morning mist and drizzle dampened the base of the gauge but left no measurable quantity of water.

The grain harvest is now mostly in and yields have been good, contrary to my predictions earlier in the Spring when fields were flooded. Quality UK wheat has been fetching over £180 per ton. This high price is due in part to relatively poor harvests in Canada and Russia.
In Dudswell some areas of wheat, shaded by tall trees, failed to dry sufficiently to make harvesting worthwhile, as artificial drying after threshing is expensive. Some of these now ripe areas have been left to rot.

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