Bulbourne dips. May 2021

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Here are the readings for May, taken earlier today, 31-5-2021.

Dudswell Bridge. 1.05 below datum.
Brisk flow of clear water about 30 cm deep. The flow more or less fills the whole of the under-road duct. Weed growth is now rapid.

Northchurch Recreation Ground. No reading possible because of the broken casing.
The stream adjacent to the dip point is between 1-3metres wide with a depth of 15 to 20 cm. The water is clear and the rapid flow exposes the gravel bed. A great amount of cress, reaching a full metre in height, covers the eastern bank of the stream.

Northchurch Primary School. 0.70 metres below datum. The stream varies between 2 to 4.5 metres in width and between 20 and 30 cm deep. The water is clear and flows strongly through much weed.

Billet Lane, Berkhamsted. 1.20 metres below datum.
A very rapid turbulent flow of clear water surges through all three under-road ducts. There is much weed, mostly cress. Stream width here varies between 1 to 3 metres and is between 30 to 35 cm deep.

Rainfall. May has been a very wet month with 20 rain days delivering 109 mm of rain on Dudswell. This is more than the rainfall of February, March and April combined. The month has been cold with the exception of three wonderful days over the Bank Holiday.


This pair of geese produced 8 goslings from 10 eggs on the GUC near lock 47, 5 days ago. 6 survive. Local crows stole two eggs. The corvids show a cruel intelligence. They distract the adult geese and one will peck into an egg and reduce its mass by consuming the albumen. The thief can then fly off with the lightened egg which is then dropped on a hard surface to reveal the yoke. This is sometimes shared.

Earlier today a blocked sewer in the south of Dudswell Lane caused extensive sewage flooding for the entire length of the Lane from Northchurch Cricket Club to Boswick Lane. The foul water then flowed into the river Bulbourne for about three hours before a team from Thames Water arrived to clear the blockage.

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Bob Farrer

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