Campfire Bread Baking

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Join us for a day outdoors in an semi-ancient, replanted, broadleaved woodland learning how to bake a variety of breads. Led by David Willis, this Campfire Baking course will introduce you to making traditional bread loaves and others such as bannock and flat breads which you will eat with lunch!

You will also learn about campfire management, how to ensure the fire is hot enough for baking, and the use of various pots, pans, and improvised ovens. All recipes will be provided, and you will be using Dutch ovens to bake some tasty loaves, plain or spiced, the choice is yours. You’ll be able to enjoy the delicious bread you bake throughout the day and you’ll also cook a light lunch over the campfire!

The day will start with fire lighting methods, you will learn how to make a successful campfire and know what wood will burn best. Whilst the fire heats up and creates a bed of embers for baking, you will cover basic knife skills so you can prepare a stick for your first bake.

Includes: Use of tools; bushcraft knife, laplander saw, fire steel, with refreshments and lunch cooked over the campfire!

Age range: 18+

Max: 6 people

Venue: Old Hanging Wood, Little Chalfont