**Do you want to know how** **much rain has fallen in the Hertfordshire and North London Area during December or how high the river flows were?**

River Ver at Redbourn

The Environment Agency routinely measure and monitor the environment to assess the water situation across the Hertfordshire and North London Area.

We do this for:

  • the amount of rain that falls;
  • how dry the soils are (and how much rain they can soak up);
  • the amount of water flowing in rivers;
  • the amount of water stored below ground in aquifers.

Every month a Water Situation Report is produced by Hydrologists in the Environment Agency.

The December 2020 edition is available here.

Summary – December 2020

The Hertfordshire and North London Area received 91 mm of rainfall in December, 146% of the long-term average. Saturated soils across all of the chalk catchments allowed a high proportion of rainfall to infiltrate to groundwater. Due to above average precipitation over previous months, monthly mean river flows at three-quarters of our indicator sites were notably or exceptionally high . Likewise a third of our groundwater indicator sites were notably high to end December.

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