Fwd: Upper Bulbourne Monthly Report, February 2021

Dear all,

These readings were taken on the afternoon of 1st March 2021

1) Dudswell Bridge (highest datum point)
There is a steady flow of clear water in the channel.
The dip is 0.72 metres below datum

2) Northchurch Recreation Ground.
No reading possible as casing is broken

3) Northchurch Primary School.
Vigorous flow of clear water 2 metres wide
Dip reading is 0.3925 metres below datum.

4) Billet Lane Berkhamsted (Lowest datum point)
Strong turbulent flow of clear water about 15 cm deep through all three under-road tunnels
The dip is 0.79 metres below datum.


Upstream, there is groundwater up to a foot deep in the field between Cow Roast marina and Newground Rd

Bourne Gutter is now flowing strongly

Bob Farrer’s comments
A total of 52 mm of rain fell on Dudswell this month, three quarters of this in the first ten days. The fields remain flooded along the old course of the Bulbourne in many places and the flow rate of the stream (shown here in the Dudswell Conservation Area)
has ranged between 44 and 50 litres per second for the last fortnight. This is the strongest flow I have seen here.
A large group of Canada geese has taken control of the canal towpath just south of lock 47. They intimidate small dogs and even large dogs give them a wide berth. They beg food from walkers and then hiss at them when the treats run out.

Kind regards