Fwd: Upper Bulbourne monthly report for October 2021

Here is the monthly report for October 2021, together with rainfall. Observations were made on the morning of Wednesday November 3rd

Dudswell Bridge.
2.145 metres below datum. There is standing water in part of the river bed by the grille but this is due to a prolonged water main leak. There is no water or flow upstream of this

Northchurch Recreation Ground.
Stream is dry. No reading possible.

Northchurch Primary School.
Stream is dry. Water table 1.35 metres below datum.

Billet Lane.
1.64 metres below datum. Stream is dry. Bed is clear of weed and rubbish.

112 mm of rain fell on Dudswell in October. There were only 11 rain days but some of the showers were torrential (up to 24 mm in three hours).

KInd regards