Fwd: Upper Bulbourne report for July 2021

Dear All,

Here are the readings for the last month. Measurements and observations were made on the afternoon of August 1st.

  1. Dudswell Bridge. 1.3 metres below datum. Some standing water but no flow. The water in the under-road duct is the result of a water main leak, not the natural water table.
  2. Northchurch Recreation Ground.
    No reading possible because of the broken casing. The stream here varies from 2 to 3 metres wide. There is a steady gentle flow of clear water about 20 cm deep over a gravel and silt bed. Vegetation has been reduced.
  3. Northchurch Primary School.
    0.90 metres below datum. Here the stream is up to 3 metres wide. There is a brisk flow about 30 cm deep at its centre. Water is slightly murky, possibly due to run-off from the road nearby. Much of the vegetation has been cleared.
  4. Billet Lane Berkhamsted (Lowest datum point).
    1.41 metres below datum. Brisk flow of clear water through all three under-road tunnels. Maximum depth about 20 cm. Vegetation has recently been cleared.

69 mm of rain fell on Dudswell in July. There were 14 rain days last month. The heaviest rain fell on the night of July 5th -6th (18 mm).

Many people have commented on the sudden surge in the growth of vegetation this last month. Our green garden waste bin is usually sufficient at this time of year but this month has required several additional trips with green waste to the local ‘dump’. Grass is still lush and needs weekly cutting. Hedges and trees are particularly vigorous.
A large female otter was found dead in Dudswell Lock 48 (picture on request). There was no sign of injury. Sightings of otters are now common at night on PIR cameras. It is good to know that this once-persecuted mammal is recovering, although fishermen will probably disagree.

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Great report, thanks @SPHolmes