Mystery volunteers repair the Misbourne bridge in Abbey Park

Brilliant news today (Sunday, 28 Feb 21). The bridge over the river in Abbey Park was repaired this morning by some volunteers who wish to remain anonymous. The wooden slats have been replaced and covered with a non-slip surface. “We did it for the village” one of them said, “It needed doing. And it needed doing quickly to make the crossing safe.”

On the fence they have tied a picture of a postcard sent in 1905 with a view of the bridge as it was then. Under the bridge are two plaques, one commemorating the day, the other saying:

"Always show kindness to others
and you may cross

  • if you don’t we may be cross"

The Warren Bridge Trolls of Great Missenden.
We’ve been here since before
your grandmother was born

(By the way, the official name of the lake is Warren Water.)

![Bridge 1|666x500]upload://4vAwRN8tKqwLsGMGrq1ZG4qX26c.jpeg)