Re: Upper Bulbourne, report for March 2021

Dear Susan and Fellow Local Nature-lovers,

Thank you so much for the River Bulbourne update and apologies for not replying sooner.

We have a fast flowing river through our garden still. So much so, that when my daughter spotted three small motherless ducklings waddling towards the torrent, I rang St Tiggywinkles to ask for their advice. They asked me to bring them in as soon as possible.
Whilst checking for anymore ducklings round the garden, we found a poorly-looking vixen lying by our wood. On alerting her, she rushed into the trees and collapsed. I rang Tiggywinkles again and they said that a volunteer would come to check. The lady arrived but sadly, the fox had died-she suspected poisoning. I had seen a dead rat on the grass the day before? Worrying to think that someone might be poisoning rats in the area. She looked as if she had given birth fairly recently.

Whist checking the fox, Mrs Tiggywinkle noticed 3 ducklings on the bridge in the field next door. Rushing round with a net and box, and securing local men to help, we caught 2 out of the 3 and Mrs Tiggywinkle took 5 off to their new home. Meanwhile 2 ducks with 11 ducklings each have wended their way through the garden, along the river, through the fence and out to the canal. Sadly, no sight nor sound of a possible 22 ducklings, but lots of marauding drakes are harassing one poor female. I thought I liked Nature!
Still a secretive moorhen to produce some chicks!
Off to feed Mrs Duck who comes to the back door at this time and devours the duck food with relish!

All the best

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Thanks Penny for such a caring and uplifting update!