Staying One Step Ahead - Volunteers Needed

Originally published at: Staying One Step Ahead - Volunteers Needed - Chiltern Society

Attracting new members is to join us is key to our success conserving, campaigning for and promoting the Chilterns; our members have a powerful voice, while membership subscriptions are a vital source of income to help us continue our work.

With the threats and challenges that currently face the Chilterns, we are looking to raise our voice even louder. Past response has shown us that one of the most successful ways we have of doing this is by reaching people just like you, right on your doorstep, by delivery membership leaflets to homes in and around Chiltern’s towns and villages.

Whether you can distribute a few handfuls of leaflets, to a few hundred, you will be helping to make our charity stronger and make a real difference to the impact we have.

The next doordrop campaign is planned for the Autumn across the Chilterns and neighbouring areas.

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Photo by: Chris Howe