Thames Water sewage discharges

The Thames Water 2020 annual return - ( from shows the number of times sewage has been released and for how long. This is based on data from monitors on their network and uses the 12- 24 hours counting method

. .total duration hrs of all spills | counted spills
Benson 992.67 | 56
Berkhamsted 861.46 | 52
Chesham 963.30 | 59
Hambleden 35.47 | 12
Little Marlow 150.94 | 15
Princes Risborough 1706.84 | 106

I’m sure there are other STWs in the area, if anyone has a list I can add them to the above

Thanks Susan. Interesting that the list includes “AMERSHAM VALE STK” which I think is probably the sewage storage tanks at Amersham tip. There are no discharges, but then the time it has been operational is apparently 0%.

When there is heavy rain, this discharges untreated sewage into the Misbourne.

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