Trail or Cross Country Running

I have for many years been a Chilterns walker and road runner. I’ve recently combined the two and taken to running the walking routes. I run weekdays rather than weekends. Is there a running group that meets regularly? If not, is anyone interested in starting one?


Hey Peter, thanks for posting. I think you’ve already heard back from David Harris but if you would be interested in trying to develop a Chiltern Society Trail Running group, let us know and we can discuss how we should go about it and get more members involved.

Hi Dan. I’ll reply to your and David’s emails.

Thanks. If you’re keen on helping get one sorted out then we’d be happy to support you getting an email/survey out to members to determine who else may be interested - I think you’d get a great response so thanks for suggesting! DanT

Hey @Peter, just wondering how you were getting on - do you need any other support?

Hi Dan
I’ve put things on hold for now.
Up to the recent lockdown I was managing a weekly Chilterns run along routes around Watlington, Pishill, Stonor and Hambleden.
How are you?
How is your leg?
When you’ve recovered and feel up to a trail run we can meet up.

Hey Peter, yeah probably makes sense for now. We’ve got some amazing walks in the interim ; )
Leg is good but not going to be up to trail running for a few months I fear.