Upper Bulbourne measurements and rainfall, June 2021

The Dudswell and Northchurch readings were taken on the morning of 3rd July 2021, the Billet Lane reading on the afternoon of 6th July as it was too overgrown before

Dudswell Bridge (highest datum point)
There is a brisk steady flow of clear water in the channel.
The dip is 1.205 metres below datum

Northchurch Primary School
Fairly brisk flow of clear water 2 metres wide, becoming overgrown
Dip reading is 0.88 metres below datum.

Billet Lane Berkhamsted (Lowest datum point)
Brisk flow of clear water through under-road tunnels but too overgrown to see clearly
The dip is 1.21 metres below datum.

Bob Farrer’s rainfall & sewage summary
72 mm of rain fell on Dudswell in June. There were 12 rain days but three quarters of this total fell in the exceptionally wet period between the 17th to the 19th.
Sadly the sewer (at Dudswell) over-flowed on three occasions with raw sewage entering the river Bulbourne. The first two incidents preceded the deluge. Thames Water responded quickly but once the headwater of a stream is polluted the whole river suffers.


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