Upper Bulbourne Monthly Report, Dec 2020 from Susan Holmes

Dear all,

These readings were taken on the morning of 2nd Jan 2021, after a couple of days of relatively drier weather

1) Dudswell Bridge (highest datum point)

There is a steady flow of clear water in the channel.

The dip is 1.04 metres below datum

2) Northchurch Recreation Ground.

No reading possible as casing is broken

3) Northchurch Primary School.

Vigorous flow of clear water 2-3.5 metres wide and upto 40 cm deep, in a few places to the west of New Road.

Dip reading is 0.68 metres below datum.

4) Billet Lane Berkhamsted (Lowest datum point)

Very strong turbulent flow of clear water about 20 cm deep through all three under-road tunnels

The dip is 1.18 metres below datum.

Rainfall and comments by Bob Farrer

Rainfall totals over Dudswell are as follows:-
December 2020 :- 92 mm
For the year as a whole- a whopping 918 mm. The highest total I have recorded. February with 119 mm and October with 180 mm were noteworthy.
The published long term average for Berkhamsted is 654 mm per year.

The birds stripped all the berries from our Pyracantha in less than a week, once the colder weather arrived.

In hopes for a better new year

Kind regards


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Hi Susan, I have a short video of the Misbourne flowing today for the first time. It’s a month earlier than last year, when it began in late Feb 2020. How do I get it to you?

Happy New Year!