Upper Bulbourne Monthly Report & sewage release April 2021

Dear all,

These readings were taken on the morning of 2nd May 2021

Dudswell Bridge (highest datum point)
There is a brisk steady flow of clear water in the channel.
The dip is 1.05 metres below datum

Northchurch Primary School
Vigorous flow of clear water 2 metres wide
Dip reading is 0.70 metres below datum.

Billet Lane Berkhamsted (Lowest datum point)
Brisk flow of clear water through all three under-road tunnels
The dip is 1.20 metres below datum.

Bob Farrer’s rainfall summary
The rainfall total for Dudswell, in April, was 2 mm. There was no measurable rain in the gauge between 28th March and 28th April.
There is a debate about the driest Spring month ever but this April is certainly a contender. Four weeks without rain has left the ground bone dry. The flooded fields of February now show the bare patches where the winter wheat has died, having been submerged for so long. Too late for re-seeding now? Such a contrast in just six weeks!
But, fear not, tomorrow is a bank holiday so rain has indeed been forecast.

Sewage in Bulbourne
Please see this - at Berkhamsted Sewage Treatment works south of Berkhamsted, posted in facebook

Kind regards

Thanks @SPHolmes. This sewage discharge is worrying, especially given the very dry weather we’ve had…until this afternoon!

@dantmobi What is the link for entering the river watchers report online?

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https://forms.office.com/r/1DigQwjDj5 but you’ll need to use your CS 365 account to login!

Thanks, I managed it OK although there were many boxes that I did not complete

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That’s OK, as long as you weren’t forced to complete any boxes you didn’t want to that’s probably OK. But if there’s any section that could be skipped please let me know!

I’m not sure that the ‘GUC pumps in operation’ checkbox are required - I don’t record them on the Bulbourne and I think that’s where the reqt came from


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Thanks Susan, I can make sure we skip that unless Bulbourne is chosen as the waterway.