Upper Bulbourne Readings for August 2020 submitted by Bob Farrer

Dear All,

Here are the readings for August 31st:-

Dudswell Bridge, 1.92 metres below datum. (This time last year the water table was roughly three metres lower). River is dry here.

Northchurch Recreation Ground. Gentle flow of clear water. Stream roughly 1.0 to 1.4 metres wide, about 6-10 cm deep.

Northchurch Primary School. 1.00 metre below datum. Steady gentle flow of clear water over sand/ weed bed. Stream here varies from 1 to 2 metres wide; depth varies from 5-7cm.

Billet Lane, Berkhamsted. 1.46 metres below datum. The river bed has been cleared here and all three under-road channels are now open. Brisk flow of clear water over gravel bed. Depth varies from 4 to 10 cm with the deepest and most vigorous flow in the centre channel.

Rainfall for the month was 109 mm (more than March, April and May combined).
Heavy showers fell 13th and 24th.

At the time of the readings the CRT pumps at Northchurch and Cowroast were not in operation.

Here is a photo of the swans at Dudswell. A close look at the upper mandible of the old female (left in this shot) shows the damage caused by the dog attack in the Spring. The six surviving cygnets are clearly doing well…

Best wishes,