Upper Bulbourne, report for March 2021

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These readings were taken on the afternoon of 2nd April 2021

  1. Dudswell Bridge (highest datum point)
    There is a steady flow of clear water in the channel.
    The dip is 0.855 metres below datum

  2. Northchurch Recreation Ground.
    No reading possible as casing is broken

  3. Northchurch Primary School
    Vigorous flow of clear water 2 metres wide
    Dip reading is 0.5575 metres below datum.

The dip point is hidden behind the tree on the far left of the great display of daffodils at the school

  1. Billet Lane Berkhamsted (Lowest datum point)
    Strong turbulent flow of clear water through all three under-road tunnels
    The dip is 1.01 metres below datum.

Bob Farrer’s comments

36 mm of rain fell on Dudswell in March. This relatively low figure allowed some of the flooded fields to drain from large lakes to isolated ponds. The last week of the month brought a wonderful spell of weather with the highest March temperature (23 C) for over 50 years.

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