Upper Bulbourne Report Jan 2021 - Bob Farrer

Dear All,

This is the stream at Dudswell. You can see that the water nearly fills the under-road duct. The flow is vigorous and turbulent at about 33 litres per second. The ‘dip’ reading is 68 cm below datum.

This is the stream at the Northchurch Recreation Ground. It has flooded out from its usual course to a width of over ten metres in places. ‘Centre of flow’ depths vary from 20 to 35 cm. The water is clear and flowing steadily, fast enough to reveal the gravel bed in places. The casing here is broken so no dip measure was possible. Cress is starting to grow again. This will impede flow and raise the water level if the ground remains saturated.

Further downstream, at Northchurch Primary School the ‘dip’ reading was very low, at only 38cm. This means the stream level is exceptional high. To the east of New Road it is up to 4 metres wide and between 20-35 cm deep at its centre. Clear water.

The final dip at Billet Lane Berkhamsted was 77cm below datum. The water was flowing vigorously but the good news is that all three under-road tunnels are clear despite some new weed growth.

The observations were made around noon on December 31st at which time both the Cowroast and Northchurch CRT extraction pumps were OFF.

Rainfall for the month was 134 mm at Dudswell. A very high figure, second only to the record-breaking deluge of October last year.

There is much flooding in this area. Yesterday I saw about 20 gulls and a few terns bobbing about in a lake which has formed in a wheat field 200 metres south of Cowroast. A shuttle of fire brigade vehicles is pumping out properties in Astrophe, just north of Tring, I am told. The County Highways department has just told me that the Lane outside my house will be resurfaced next week. Let’s hope that the floods have gone by then.

All the best,


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