Upper Misbourne Gurgles Back

Today, the River Misbourne returned to Great Missenden, flowing well through Boug’s Meadow. Two days ago it was dry. The groundwater levels are clearly high - last winter it didn’t flow until late February 2020.

Its winterbourne source is Mobwell Springs, which is now full, and water flows through the culvert for about 50 yards downstream. It’s then dry until it’s fed from another spring a few hundred yards above Boug’s Meadow. A newt pond there is always one of the first to fill, and the river flows from there down through Great Missenden, but strangely, drying up somewhere underneath Church Street in Great Missenden.

The river reappears just above the lakes in Missenden Abbey Park, with strong flow over the weir at the bottom of the park near the Chiltern Hospital. Though I haven’t checked, it will then be flowing well down through the new “wetland” at Amersham, and down past Quarrendon Mill.


Its also flowing well through Chalfont St Giles and has been since before Christmas.